Collection: Onyx sink

An onyx sink is a sink made of onyx, a luxurious natural stone known for its unique patterns and colors. Onyx is a type of quartz and comes in various shades such as white, green, red, and black, often with veins of other colors running through the stone.

### Benefits of an Onyx Washbasin
1. **Aesthetics:** Onyx has a unique and striking appearance. Every sink is different due to the natural patterns of the stone.
2. **Luxurious appearance:** Onyx gives a feeling of luxury and exclusivity to the bathroom.
3. **Light Transmission:** Some onyx types are partially translucent, which can create a beautiful effect when lit from behind.

### Disadvantages of an Onyx Washbasin
1. **Maintenance:** Onyx is a porous stone and can become stained and damaged if not properly maintained. Regular sealing is necessary to keep it in good condition.
2. **Vulnerability:** Onyx is softer and more brittle than other natural stones such as granite or marble, meaning it can scratch or break more easily.
3. **Cost:** Onyx is often more expensive than other materials due to its rarity and the care required for production and installation.

### Maintenance tips
- **Regular cleaning:** Use mild, pH-neutral cleaning agents and a soft cloth to clean the sink.
- **Avoid acidic and abrasive substances:** These can damage the stone.
- **Sealing:** Make sure the sink is sealed regularly to prevent liquids from seeping into the stone and causing stains.

An onyx sink can be a beautiful focal point of the bathroom, if properly maintained. It offers a combination of natural beauty and luxury, making it a popular choice for design-conscious homeowners.