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Privacy statement Factory Unique Findings

Factorij Unique Findings respects the privacy of all its customers and users of its site and ensures that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. This privacy policy applies to all personal data registered in our store and via our website. In the event that this privacy policy changes, you will find the most current information on this page.

Registration of personal data
Factorij Unique Findings uses the collected data to provide its customers with the following services: If you place an order in the store, by telephone or by email, we need your name, e-mail address, delivery address to process your order and send you to keep you informed of this. We also store data about the use of our site via the website. The feedback we receive from our visitors in this way helps us to further develop and improve our site.

Cookie Policy of Factory Unique Findings
When using the website of Factory Unique Findings can continue Factorij Unique Findings whether information is collected by third parties about the use of the website. This is being done Factorij Unique Findings uses cookies that ensure that the website functions optimally, that keep track of preferences and remembers that you have previously been to the website, that keep track of the statistics of the website, that measure conversions of advertisements and cookies that show you targeted advertisements, tailored to your profile. All data in our cookies is anonymous and does not contain any personally identifiable information. If you wish, you can delete cookies via your browser settings and set new cookies to be rejected. Because there are many different types of browsers, we refer to the help page of your browser.

Factorij Unique Findings does not sell your data
Factorij Unique Findings will not sell your personal information to third parties and will only make it available to third parties involved in processing your order. Our employees and third parties engaged by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.

Contact address
All questions or comments about our privacy policy and the way in which we collect and store data, requests for transmission, access, adjustment or deletion of your personal data, limitation of the processing of your personal data and transfer of your personal data can be addressed to:

Factory Unique Findings
Biezenstraat 1
2470 Retie, Belgium
Tel: +32(0)14370542

You can also always indicate that you do not want to be contacted with marketing activities.