Collection: Authentic doors

Authentic doors

Are you looking for beautiful old wooden authentic doors, windows & gates? At Factorij Unique Findings we have a varying range of authentic doors from India and Nepal. The Indian doors are often equipped with the old and original door fittings and the deep signs of wear reveal their age. The old Indian wooden doors are unique, very heavy and all beautifully colored and drawn.

Authentic doors as decoration

The original function of these old Indian doors has now been lost. They used to show off in beautiful Indian buildings, but now they have become beautiful eye-catchers for your living room, bedroom, hallway or bathroom. The lived-in Indian doors add a lot of atmosphere to your interior! The Indian doors from Factorij Unique Findings for a Bohemian, Vintage, Oriental, Sober, Tough Country style. The Indian doors are between 50 and 200 years old and are considered antiques. Most doors are made of teak wood, in a heavy quality with all original details retained.